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Among friends: Questions in English

Before I posted the questions in Spanish, so now is time for the same questions in English. This section won't be just for bloggers or writers, artists, etc, anyone can be an interviewee in this section. So I have to give you the questions and here they are. You can find my email on my blogger profile. Just erase the questions where you don't have anything to say or you are not interested.



You choose what you want to answer and what to leave blank. The extension is free so you can mention just a few titles in some questions or extend yourself more on others depending on  your passions.

Tell us something about yourself.-


TOP 10 of movies watched in the last 2 years.

Favorite movie of all time. And the worst you've seen?

What movies are you looking forward to watch in the following months?

Favorite directors and actors / actresses.

Films, in original version or dubbed in your language?

If you like a director (or actor / actress) or a particular genre, its TOP 5 or 10.

Favorite shorts.

What books, comicsbooks or video games would you like to see adapted into a movie?


TOP 10 or 5 tv series or seasons that have been broadcasted in the last 2 years. Recommend two of them.

Favorite TV series of all time. Anyone that you think is really bad and you don't understand its success?

TOP 5 or 10 animated series / animes or seasons that have been broadcasted in the last two years (you can put them in the first top if  they are very few).

New series and seasons that you are looking forward to watch.

Any tv series that you would like to watch in your country?

What books, comicbooks or video games you would like to see adapted as a TV series?


What books have you read lately? Would you recommend any of them?

Favorite book of all time. Which one you do not recommend reading.

Favorite authors.

Books that you are looking forward  to be published soon or to be written soon.

If you especially like a writer or some genre: TOP 5 or 10.


TOP 5 or 10 of the best comicbooks you've read in the last 2 years (volumes,  arcs or open series). And the worst ones?

If you especially like an author or character: TOP 5 or 10.

Authors (writers, artists) that you especially like now that you have discovered in the last 2 years.

Favorite comicbook of all time.

Dreamed comicbooks and creative teams  (Comics published or that you would like to see published).

Comic Recommendations: For the first time reader and others for a regular reader.

Comicbooks that you would like to see published in your country.

Your opinion regarding DC comics' relaunch. Which ones do you buy or are you planning to buy?

Are you comfortable with the current publishing scene?

Talk about yout Comic conventions / Festivals experiences. Wich  have you visited (give us a brief opinion on each one). Which one is your favorite?


TOP of singers or groups you listen to lately.

TOP 5 or 10 of records heard in the last 2 years.

Concerts you've attended in the last 2 years. The best ones?

Best concert of youe life? And the worst one?

A concert that you would like to attend in the future?

Do you sing or play any instrument?


The 10 websites or blogs that you visit more or you want to highlight / recommend.


TOP 10 or 5 of video-games of the last two years.

TOP 10 or 5 of classic video-games.

Are you looking forward any video-game that will be on sale soon?


Best places visited in the last two years. Which one do you especially recommend visiting? And from which one runaway?

Best place (country, region, city, ...) for a holiday?

Where would you like to travel in the future?


You win the lottery (an important award as the EUROMILLIONS in Europe). What would you do?

Visited museums or exhibitions in the last two years, and the ones you especially recommend. Any museum that you would like to visit?

Favorite artists (or types or favorite techniques of painting, sculpture, photography, favorite artwork, etc).

Plays, musicals, dance performances, performances in general that you want to recommend.

Gastronomy: Food that you especially like, types of food you want to highlight (by geographic region or country), favorite wines, restaurants you recommend, and so on.

Brands, types / styles and fashion designers that you like especially.

Festivals, cultural events that you want to recommend.

Other hobbies, sports, collecting, passions in general that you have and you want to highlight.

Marvel or DC?

Cocacola or Pepsi?

Microsoft or Apple (or Linux)?

Dogs or cats?

[You can choose a video-clip or song that you want published with the interview. You can also send me some images that would like to see in the interview]

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